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To Plug in or Not to plug in


You have to create the map on the topic :”My Computer” by adding suitable words for each category.:

Here you will have the possibility to study the new words:

Here you have some questions to the text:

The next step will be to match the synonyms according to our text:



Digital Natives

The Firm

Now I would like to check how well do you now the main characters:” target=”_blank”>Spin and describe

   To win a million:

the setting:http:http:

Home sweet home

HPIM5391Mind mapping :!Mzc3OTIwMi83NDk5OTk0L2ViMWM1NThkODYyZTg0N2VjOGI1ZWRhNjQ0NzNmMTRi?X

venn diagram:

Conversation Questions:

Sport in our life

                                My dear students I wand to ask you to create an interesting presentation of you favourite sport.  You will select your favourite   Sport

  1. Then you will create a story on the selected topic. Following  the basic guidelines.
  1. First slide:  Introductory slide :   – name of topic

Middle slides  (3-4 slides) should contain the followin       -3 rules or purpose of game           -1 famous person that does this game                -origin /  the history of sport                       -where game is popular or played                       -information of choice

  1. Summary slide –

– should include the most important fact or the most interesting thing about your topic.

– why did  you choose to do a presentation on this topic.

You will have to create the story using a new platform :Story Jumper

You can look at the following examples:Sports around the world or you can create a story linked to this topic Baseball and Friends


Study the following information  Digital Storytelling.


Youthvoice project you have the explanation of steps. Firstly you have to watch the following videos

Then you have to enter the home page of iearn and post your comments on the youth forum Here. Good luck.

How Much do you know about Moldova

DSC07432Make a presentation to your penfriend about some places of interest conected with a historical or cultural event in your native place.

I want to help you so I found this presentation where you can study how to make a good presentation about your country.

You can add voice to your Power Poin Presentation,or to use: or

The way we dress

                 Task 1. A question for you

My uniform

Task 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a school uniform? Read please the following information and write a paragrath how do you see this issue . Shall we include the school uniform?

  Additional information for reading

Task 3 Create your own style ,how you would like to see our school uniform. Be creative I am looking forward to your pictures you can create them in photoshop or draw and then post the picture. Good luck.

“Elegance lies not in the clothes we wear,but in the way we wear them.Flowers are elegant,even when hidden among the grass in a meadow. Elegance is not an outer quality,but a part of the soul that is visible to others.”


My story

                  I know that you are my best students that’s way I’ve prepared something special for you.You have to create a story and I will give you the possibility to bring colour into your story with the help of the following tool :

This is my story I hope you will enjoy reading it:

additional story for you please watch,get inspired and do your best :

More stylish tool will be to use the next tool:

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